Plough Green Pre-school

Dear Parents,

I hope that you have had a good week.  The younger children have had fun pouring the rice from containers into other containers of different sizes.  The older children have particularly enjoyed using the light up writing boards.  
Stories we are enjoying this week: 
'Little Red Riding Hood' in the three/four-year room (AM story) This is a story sack.  We have used this story as a basis for our small world play using finger puppets and props.
'Zoom, Rocket, Zoom!' by Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe in the three/four-year room (PM story)  
'Noisy Farm'  by Rod Campbell in the two-year room. (We use a story sack with props for this book) 

Just for fun:  Why not place a few items (depending on your child's age) on a tray and talk about each item. Cover the tray with a tea towel and remove one item.  Take the tea towel away.  Can your child see what is missing?  You can then swap and ask your child to remove an item.  Can you guess what has been removed?

The committee have organised a Sponsored Walk and Coronation Picnic for SUNDAY 23 APRIL starting at 10am.  Letters have gone home this week - if you have not had a letter please let Angela or Caroline know.

Have a lovely week
Plough Green  😀

Newsletter - 24 March 2023