Plough Green Pre-school

Dear Parents,

I hope that you have had a good week.  The older children have really enjoyed mark making in the snow (shaving foam and glitter) this week.   The younger children have had small blocks of ice with toy penguins, polar bears, seals and pompoms frozen in.  The children had to wait for them to melt to get the toys out and used other objects to try and get them out.  Some of the children found the ice a bit too cold and needed encouragement to explore it further.  

The tickets for the Christmas performance will be going out next week.  If you have a preference for a particular day please let me know before Monday 28 November 2022.  We will be sending a letter home with further details of our Christmas plans.  There will be a list of items that we would like for our Christmas hampers and a list for party food for the children if you would like to donate.  We cannot accept food other than what is on the list.  

Stories we are enjoying this week: 
'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen in the three/four-year room (AM story) We have had the black tent out as a cave with lots of props, including a big bear, so that the children could explore the story independently and to encourage communication between the children.  
'Say Hello to the Snowy Animals' by Ian Whybrow in the three/four-year room (PM story)   
'The Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle in the two-year room.  This is a story sack and we have had this out for the children to play with the props during free play.  

Just for fun:  Why not freeze some water in a small tub?  You could add a small object such as a toy animal, a toy car or a couple of leaves?  You could talk to your child about how the liquid water is now hard and watch it melt into liquid again.  (Please be aware that when ice first comes out of the freezer it could burn your child's fingers or their fingers may stick to it, wait for it to melt a little before they touch it).  You could talk about the ground being frozen when the weather is cold and how hard it is for birds and animals to find food.  Could you feed the birds?

This Saturday, The Old Malden Residents Group are having a Christmas Lights switch on at 5.30pm.  They have some activities planned beforehand starting at 4pm and finishing at 6pm.  This is taking place on Plough Green (Corner of Church Road and Malden Road, Old Malden).   See the link for further details.

Have a lovely week 
Plough Green 🙂

Newsletter - 25 November 2022