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Stop It Now! – the UK’s first confidential and anonymous helpline dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse by supporting adults concerned about their own sexual thoughts and behaviours towards children – is urging people to call if they know or suspect a loved one is viewing sexual images of under 18s online.

The Stop It Now! UK and Ireland helpline - Stop It Now

Confidential Helpline:  0808 1000 900

'Introducing younger children to pedestrian safety:

1  Younger children need lots of hand-holding and supervision – the street can be a distracting place for them to be, with lots of sights and sounds.

2  Encourage young children to get into the habit of holding your hand or you can use walking reins if you want added security.

3  Ask questions while you’re out walking near roads to help them understand simple ideas like ‘fast’ and ‘slow’.

4  You can talk to young children about road safety, but don’t expect them to remember the rules for themselves just yet.

Online safety is an important issue, which as a setting we’re committed to raising awareness with parents.

Some resources which you may find helpful in supporting your child online are:

Advice for parents and carers from Childnet

Hanni and the Magic Window available at Childnet  - An online safety story without any technology!  Hanni’s home has a very special magic window. But when Hanni sees something that upsets her, she struggles to explain what has happened.  Can she find the words to get the help she needs? (Suitable for children from 3 years and up) This book is in our book library if you would like to borrow it.

Tips, advice and guides for parents and carers from the UK Safer Internet Centre
Guides on popular apps and games from NetAware
Reviews and information about games, apps, TV shows and websites from Common Sense Media
Help on using parental controls and privacy settings from Internet Matters:
Information and reporting of online grooming or abuse from CEOP

If you have any concerns or questions about keeping your child safe online, please do get in touch with Angela Jay, our Designated Safeguarding Lead at:



-Talk with children from an early age to make it easier to maintain good   communication

-Have bite sized conversations that are relevant to them

-Choose to talk when you are due to spend some time together, like over a meal   or during their bedtime routine

-Bring digital experience into normal, everyday conversations 

-Model the behaviour you want them to show by sharing about your day

-Be open and encouraging to make them feel supported

-Ask open-ended questions

-Ensure that your child feels listened to rather than cornered

-When they start talking, hold off with questions and really listen

-Be prepared, calm and patient with them (, February 2023)

Safer Internet Day 2024 Resources for use with 3-7s Want to talk about it? 
Making space for conversations about life online

Copy and paste this link for further information: 

Safer Internet Day 2024 - UK Safer Internet Centre

At the stage you start talking about Road safety with your child, introduce Online Safety at the same time.  Starting conversations with your child NOW around on-line safety will make conversations easier as your child gets older.