Plough Green Pre-school

'My Daughter was just coming up to the age of 3 when she started Plough Green. To date it has been one year and I can honestly say she really enjoys it. We both struggle with being away from each other as I am a single parent and spend every day with her. The amazing teachers at Plough Green have helped us both overcome our worries and anxious feelings in such a short time. They are fantastic with support for both parent and child and during the settlement period they were always been so kind to me whenever she was upset. They did everything to settle her and make her feel happy. I feel comfortable and so at ease knowing she has this support and it is so rewarding now when picking her up and seeing how happy she is.
You can feel the warmth when you enter Plough Green and my first impression was that it felt like family. My daughter has learnt so many new things from attending three mornings per week. She has taught me songs they sing, stories they read, counting, role play and even doing tidy up time at home! She absolutely loves the garden and I feel good knowing she’s been outside and had some fresh air along with some healthy snacks at cafe time!
I feel so happy as a Mother to know my Daughter is happy at her pre-school. I feel she really benefits from all the activities and learning they do there. I've definitely made the right choice and will be letting her stay here until she has to start Primary School. It’s fantastic.'

"The staff and setting at Plough Green have helped our little one grow socially, emotionally as well as physically, in a safe and happy environment that they could not wait to get in to each morning at drop off and were reluctant to leave every day at pick up!"

"I love Plough green Pre-school! It is everything I ever wanted for my child and more. My daughter has been there for nearly two years now and has always been so happy! It is such a caring and friendly place. I am sad my child will be leaving this summer but my youngest is about to start :-)"

"Both my children loved being at Plough Green. They enjoy the different activities each week, playing in the garden, doing painting or junk modelling, and making friends. The staff are experienced and very caring, and I always felt confident leaving my children in their care."

"I visited a few Pre -Schools and Plough Green came out on top! My son is August born so was only 2 and 5 days when he started at Plough Green in September 2016. He used to be quite shy and since attending he has grown in physical and social confidence. This is of course down his age as well but I am in no doubt that the caring staff at Plough Green have helped him through. He comes home every day chatting about all the activities and what he ate at cafe. There is a great garden which I am told my son always runs to when open! It is a nurturing environment and has a great community feel. We have info sessions with key workers, a weekly newsletter and a Facebook group as well as social events to get to know other parents."

My son started at Plough Green Pre-School in September 2023 and could not be happier. He eagerly shares his experiences about his day, showing me the craft or artwork he's made, or the friend's he's played with. The staff members are incredibly warm and caring, fostering a nurturing atmosphere. Witnessing my son's remarkable growth and development makes me incredibly grateful for the support provided by Plough Green Pre-School, Thank you Plough Green Staff.